AutoWatch® is a unique customer service and marketing tool.

With this system, your customers will be able to literally "see" the progress of their vehicle repair through the Internet and your interactive web site. Each day, digital photos are uploaded and posted to your web site along with the latest vehicle repair status. Your customers will check on their vehicle at home, work and the wee hours of the night. Your shop is open 24 hours a day!

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Mobile App

The AutoWatch Mobile App has just been released. Update repair status and send photos from your mobile device.

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A unique and in-depth approach to improving collision repair quality through coaching and mentoring.

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"Outstanding Service!!"

Wille W

Sep 15, 2014

"I'm truly amazed and impressed at the text messages, emails with photos. Ive never experienced such wonderful customer service."

Raymond C

Sep 12, 2014

"thank you for the updates"

Kimberly L

Sep 12, 2014

"This is sooo cool!! I love the idea of tracking status every day without calling in."

Deb L

Sep 12, 2014

"I really like seeing my auto being repaired in the various stages."

Joyce S

Sep 12, 2014

"Thank you for the daily updates. This is a great tool for keeping the customer aware of daily progress. Keep up the good work."

John L

Sep 12, 2014

"I really like having the website available to me."

Maryann B

Sep 12, 2014

"The daily updates were great and viewing the photos was awesome."

John C

Sep 12, 2014

"I am kept well informed of everything. Very professional."

Michele D

Sep 11, 2014

"This is the best customer experience I think I've ever had! Thank you!"

Leeann F

Sep 11, 2014

"Your Company is Awesome! I love the Daily updates with photos included! Thank you so much"

Robert L

Sep 02, 2014

"I was pleasantly surprised, to learn that I could track the progress of the repair of my vehicle."

William H

Aug 30, 2014

"excellent customer service and the updates are awesome!"

Joanne C

Aug 29, 2014

"Keeping me in touch with the vehicle repair process is really great. I love it. Well done"


Aug 25, 2014

"Thank you for the updates!"

Keith P

Aug 25, 2014

"My repair experience has been great. I have been update on every aspect of the repair process."

Ivory K

Aug 23, 2014

"this a very good tool as it gives u a very clear indication on progress.excellent"

George N

Aug 11, 2014

"Nice to see what is being done"

Jared M

Aug 11, 2014

"I had a pleasant experience in watching the step by step repairs of my car."

Greta W

Aug 11, 2014

"My car looks great! I liked being able to see the photos of the repairs in progress."

Ann B

Aug 11, 2014

"So far, amazing! I never knew a collision center would keep me so involved. I feel like they are doing a wonderful job of keeping me informed."

Gabriel S

Aug 06, 2014

"This has been amazing so far I love the real time updates on repair and the photos. Everyone has been so nice and helpful!"

Brian P

Aug 06, 2014

"It has been awesome, very informative."

A Parker

Aug 06, 2014

"Great job. You made this process unbelievably painless. Thank you for everything."

Chris M

Aug 06, 2014

"kept well informed."

Nancy W

Jul 24, 2014

"Excellent Communication, always keeping me informed with no surprises. I am sure the repairs will also be a job "well done". thanks "

Michelle B

Jul 23, 2014

"I love love love the updates texted and emailed to me on the status of my car.  "

Donna M

Jul 23, 2014

"I like the fact that a person could keep track of the repair be done. It was great to see the progress as it was happening. AutoWatch is a great..."

Yvonne B

Jul 23, 2014

"We love the pictures to see what all Certified Collision Services is doing on our vehicle. Really appreciate the updates."

Bonnie W

Jul 23, 2014

"I'm amazed by the updates I received. I felt so much better about the whole situation. Nationwide is on MY side!"

Karen S

Jul 09, 2014

"I like picture updates. It let's me know progress is being made. Instead of wondering if it has even been started."

Teresa Y

Jul 09, 2014

"The daily pictures of the progression of the repair is so nice. I would definitely recommend this business to my friends or my family."

Arthur C

Jul 08, 2014

"I love getting pictorial updates"

Thomas B

Jul 07, 2014

"Very impressed by daily communication and timely updates during the repair process."


Jul 04, 2014

"The photos sent to my email is a great feature, we love it."

Brandon M

Jul 03, 2014

"Its nice being able to follow the progress of repairs to my car.  A+ customer service."

Tim D

Jul 02, 2014

"Quick, smooth, easy, and great communication. Cant ask for anything more."

Howard C

Jul 02, 2014

"Love the feature of watching your car being repaired!"

Michelle D

Jul 02, 2014

"Love the updates and photos!"

Elyse G

Jun 23, 2014

"We like watching the repairs as they are being done. Thank you"

Mark C

Jun 21, 2014

"I really appreciate receiving the updates and judging by the photographs. I think you guys are doing a wonderful job."


Jun 20, 2014

"This portal is a fantastic tool. It brings transparency to a historically confusing process. Nice job."

Mike S

Jun 20, 2014

"I love the pictures and updates. Makes me feel a sense of comfort that the work is being done in a timely manor. Thanks"

Ken F

Jun 19, 2014

"Very impressed with the update program..VIP service."

Lauerne F

Jun 19, 2014

"This has been a great experience. I love all the e-mail updates with the pictures."

Jona P

Feb 27, 2014

"I appreciate the photographic updates and the detailed list of steps to complete repairs."

Peter P

Feb 27, 2014

"Surprisingly simple. Completely stress free!"

Jeffrey B

Feb 27, 2014

"I really like the pictures you send out on the progress of the vehicle."

Dave C

Feb 26, 2014

"This is great service! I really appreciate the attention to detail."

Ann C

Feb 26, 2014

"I like being updated every day as you do. Thanks"

Michael K

Feb 26, 2014